Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Midsummer Night's Dream... of Fall

As the fall looks leave the runway & start to appear online & in store fronts I feel it my duty to not only interpret the trends & strategize the future of my wardrobe, but also to inform you, my fashionista friends, of the looks you will come to know & love when the flower petals fall & the leaves change. My first instinct was to pull my fave snapshots from the catwalks of the hottest designers & describe to you in detail the trends, my opinion, & ideas for integration.  In fact, I had a full blog entry written & ready to post, but in reading it back to myself I decided it was BORING! And, that's not my style. I slept on it & dreamt up a challenge to myself: present 7 trends in 7 days with items already in my wardrobe.  It helped that I had a weeks worth of plans lined up, ranging from a backyard BBQ to a Gala, all of which would require diligent styling anyway.  I loved it! An opportunity to take a few risks, challenge my closet creativity, & keep it cheap.  Not to  mention the perfect personal runway, in the form of social obligations, ready for snapshots.  This made my newly devised 7-Tin-7 challenge the perfect forum to fulfill my personal look book. The caveat to all of this is the distinct summer twist to the trends (for obvious reasons... uhhhh 95 degrees!).  Regardless, I decided this was a much more fun (& down-to-Earth) way of revealing the fashions of fall to you.  So try to look through these summer ensembles to see the fall trends & take the runway & run with it.  From my closet to yours, I hope you enjoy!

Stay tuned...  7-Tin-7:  Day 1... coming soon (tomorrow)!

Stylishly yours,

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