More About Me

I remember the first time my Mom let me pick out my school clothes on our annual back-to-school shopping spree.  It was so invigorating!  I felt the ability to express myself the way I wanted to for the first time.  Even though I was a dancer & had many outlets of self expression, that was my moment.  I believe I was 8 at the time.  By the time I made it to middle school I had created my own fictitious line called FUNky Fashions (it was the early 90s ok, stop laughing).  I spent my summers creating hair clips & earrings from bristol, paint & Modge Podge & selling them to neighbors.  In high school I was a victim of the grundge era, growing up in Seattle, but that didn't stop me from taking my Dad's holey jeans & adding my own style by wearing them with a crushed velvet & lace top, or making a triangle top out of one of my moms scarves.  I always loved contrast & edginess.  I didn't mind the idea of people looking at what I was wearing whether it was admiringly or disapprovingly.  I begged my Mom to let me get a job at the Gap while in high school just so I could work around clothes, she finally conceded & I never made a penny, it all went to buying more clothes.  

When I went to college my plan was to get a bachelors in marketing then attend FIT in NY & major in fashion design.  Always a good student & an academic I ended up with a major in physiology with an emphasis in chemistry.  I guess I felt more challenged using that side of my brain as the creative side came naturally.  I graduated & traveled the world for a year with nothing more than a backpack full of quick dry travel clothes.  Not my most stylish year ever, but certainly the most growth I ever experienced as an individual.  

I returned, moved to San francisco & made my way into the business side of the medical world, all the while yearning for a job in fashion.  For whatever reason I ended up down the practical path, the safe path.  My ever lasting passion for style & fashion kept pulling me back towards the fashion world.  I gave up a highly coveted job in medical device sales to get my masters in fashion design at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.   Life happened & financially, I made the decision to return to a medical device career.  Disappointed that I had to detour, once again, from my dream, my husband gave me his blessing to "support the design community" (ie. buy their clothes) without receiving any scrutiny from him.  

We moved to a small town in 2005 to be closer to family.   I maintained a successful career in medical device sales & with low cost of living I fully embraced my desires to support the design community & did so with great vigor!  I started revamping my friends closets by creating outfits out of items already in their closet, often times items in the donation pile.  I've even personal shopped for friends, something I find uniquely challenging & exciting as opposed to shopping for myself. Throughout my life there has always been the common thread of style & fashion, it is my lifeblood.

I have always loved to write & found it to be very healing when I tragically lost a twin pregnancy at 24 weeks (see  When my son, Rowan was born 1 year after our loss, I felt closure on that blog & stopped writing.  A few friends who had been loyal followers of danasangels encouraged me to marry two of my great passions, writing & fashion.  DKGstyle was born.  I love it & I hope you do too.  Now that's enough about me, tell me about yourself by following, liking, & commenting on my blog.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Stylishly yours,