Thursday, July 7, 2011

White Out

OPI Alpine Snow

One of life's simple luxuries, for me, is a fresh mani/pedi.  It is my me-time, my mind wandering moments, my sweet serenity, my personal philanthropy.  Don't get me wrong, I love a tough yoga workout or a good long run in the hills, but there's nothing that makes me feel more pampered than a hole in the wall mani/pedi.   As a beautiful bi-product I also love nothing more than the perfect, fully comprehensive, outfit complete with fresh nails & toes.  $35 very well spent!  I would change my nails weekly or even daily, as JLo did on American Idol, if I had life's precious commodity-- TIME!  Because my days are filled with less & less me-time, I'm lucky to sit in that glorious massage chair once a month or, maybe more often before big events.  Not feeling fully put together unless my entire outfit "works" (we are talking duds, shoes, shades, bag, accessories, & nail paint) I find myself having to work my wardrobe around my paint job.  Not something an emotional dresser like myself finds natural.  Now I am fully aware that my ensemble coordination efforts are a bit OCD & most would never even notice a clashing nail color.  However, style is as much of a state of mind as it is a statement & I just don't feel finished if there's conflict in my ensemble.  Here's a birds eye view of my summer polish plan: 

I started the spring obsessed with SpaRitual's floursescent magenta "Color Trip" & sported it through 2 rounds with my mani/pedi-ist, Beju:

Being a lover of the color orange in general, I started to lean towards the polish trends of the summer like Dior's "Aloha":

My plan was to then experiment with the green godesses:

& the beautiful blues: 

Then, end summer with Deborah Lippmann "Between the Sheets" and call it a full circle summer in nail color with wardrobe following close behind:

But sometimes you've gotta throw trends to the wind & go with your internal sporadic notions, which is exactly what I did when I stumbled into my white-out obsession.  It goes with just about any ensemble (including the ever-so-trendy fluorescents), enhances your tan, and is just plain rockin'!  I'm on round 2 of my blizzard-like white nails & I'm not sure I will make it to the greens!  So skip the wall of color as you enter your own hole-in-the-wall / personal-pampering-paradise & ask them for a White Out!

Sylishly yours,


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  1. LOVE that you've spelled this out for me... I don't think I get out enough but mani/pedi is on the agenda for tomorrow! Great writing... :)