Monday, February 7, 2011

Screamin' Chicken

I titled this blog entry for the benefit of my Boise friends who know the inside story about a guy friend of ours who was affectionately nicknamed "Screamin' Chicken" by a group of guys one night out in Boise.  I think we are all still trying to figure out where that came from & why poor Scot.  Inside stories & random titles aside, I am finding that January is an incredible month for screamin' deals. 

Alas, I found my feathered item for the season in the form of a Michael Kors skirt I bought in San Francisco.  When it comes to paying retail vs. sale prices I play both sides of the fence.  I am perfectly happy paying full retail if the item is just that fabulous & I believe in the overall quality of the design & materials.  Now I do occasionally stumble upon items that I like, but can't justify buying at full price, in which case I will either wait until it goes on sale, or just live without.  And then there are those items that are just too good to be true, like my new feathered mini for a whopping 75% off retail.  I can't say whether or not I would've purchased this item if it were full price because, let's face it, the sweetness of the deal makes the garment just that much more fab.  I do, however, love the fact that I found something feathered that, when styled properly, flatters my fuller figure rather than making me feel like a character on Sesame Street (see blog entry "I heart NY").  So combine the screamin' deal with it's feathered fabulousness & I now have what I call a "Screamin' Chicken".   

Since there is still time to enjoy this year's winter trends, get out there & take advantage of the (not quite) end of the season sales & you just might find your own "Screamin' Chicken".  And no Scot, you cannot borrow mine, but your wife can!

Stylishly yours,

The original "Screamin' Chicken"
My "Screamin' Chicken" skirt by Michael Kors
Theory sweater, fishnets,
Steve Madden shoes, & MAC Ruby Woo lips

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