Monday, January 31, 2011

I left my heart in San Francisco

Oh how I love the fog rolling in off the bay.  The city lights, the trolley cars, the fresh seafood, the lovely nearby Napa Valley wines.  I leave my hometown of Boise & feel right at home in one of my favorite cities & my former home, San Francisco.    My stomach is filled with butterflies upon arrival & my heart aches upon departure, somewhat analogous to a long distance romance.  Second to sitting in a gondola paddling through the canals of Venice, there is nowhere more romantic than my beloved San Francisco.  In fairness, I did fall in love with my dear Frank in San Francisco, and while we left the city blissfully wed, it will always hold a piece of my heart.

Blame it on the fog or the cold summers but San Francisco bodes a somewhat "cozy" style.  Mark Twain said it best when he wrote "the coldest winter I ever saw was the summer I spent in San Francisco".  One can't help but feel romantic & want to cozy up with a beautiful Napa Valley cabernet in a bulky sweater, worn jeans & comfy flats.  I was in town last weekend while Frank conducted business, visiting with friends, & this is the very daytime style that finds itself on the streets of downtown.  Bulky knits in lieu of a coat, ballet flats, casual straight legged jeans & oversized bags.  Now a knit layer vs. a down jacket & ballet flats vs. leather boots are feasible when the white gracing the sky is cloud not snow, but no matter where you live, as the seasons change from winter to spring, San Francisco style is the one to mimic.

Here are some heavily discounted finds to help you with the seasonal transition:

Sweater as outerwear:

Flats for a break from boots:

Relax in jeans:

Oversize yourself:

So pour yourself a glass of red, light a fire, cozy up on the couch & enjoy the last weeks of winter.  Spring is around the corner & there will be many must-have fashions to come, so for now go San Fran style and you might just find a long lost piece of your heart.

Sylishly yours,

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