Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Model of the Month: Kate

Please allow me to introduce you to Kate!  She is the most adorable mom of two, wife, speech pathologist, & wonderfully caring friend.  As lovely of a lady as she is, she is even lovelier on the inside.  Life has thrown Kate her share of (devastating!) curve balls, yet you will never catch her without a smile on her face.  Kate is like a breath of fresh air!  Every time I run into her I immediately feel re-fueled by her warm energy & positive attitude.  I jumped at her casual comment on Facebook of a closet REvamp being a "dream-come-true," & one-upped her (ie. twisted her arm) to be this month's model of the month.  Kate's closet is as colorful & cheerful as her character.  I had so much fun putting these ensembles together which so accurately portray the bright light that she is.  Apples don't fall far from the tree, her daughters LOVED every outfit and gushed at how beautiful their Mom was in everything we put together, especially the ones with the loudest color & boldest patterns, mixed & matched together.  So much so I am thinking DKGstyle REvamp might need a couple apprentices (girlies truly after my own heart)!  Please enjoy Kate's new ensembles with items fresh out of her own wardrobe.

If you look closely this dress has sunglasses printed all over it!  So geometric & fun!
This is our fall version of how to wear this dress.

Heeellloooo hot Mama!  This is a date night look with many easily convertible options from day to night.

I say: why not wear this to the park with the girls on your day off?!  And really, why not?  
The apples & the tree!  Truly, the happiest, most fun-loving dolls ever!

The Apple Tree trunk!  A tree trunk made of fabulous shoes... I love it!

Kate, you are the epitome of making the most sour lemons into the sweetest lemonade, which is your life!  Thank you for making our fashion world & beyond, that much more beautiful!

Stylishly yours,


  1. Love it, I knew you had a goldmine in your closet. They all look fabulous and you look wonderful, as usual.

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