Wednesday, September 21, 2011

M is for Missoni

Ok, so you must've caught wind of the Missoni for Target craze last week.  Just about every blog on the face of the planet posted an "all hail Missoni" post Tuesday morning (except me, I like to go against the grain).  I will, however, admit to making my way to Target, as quickly as my day would allow, to check out what all the hype was about.  Now, my little small town Target was definitely no downtown Minneapolis flagship, I'm sure, but I will say they did have a decent selection & by the time I got there just about all of the home wears & linens were GONE!  I was shocked, didn't know people in Idaho knew or cared about Missoni the way I do.  Lucky for me & for American Express there were plenty of clothes left in my size, yippee!  Who am I to not take the opportunity to scoop up as many designer yet economic buys as possible.  Having that design background I reference often & consequential fabric snobbiness, I will say that the quality is pretty darn good!  Obviously it is not the true, might as well be gold, Missoni threads, but heck, not bad for Target prices.  Thank you Missoni for sharing your ridiculousness with the world outside of the fashion elite & I tip my new felted Missoni for Target hat to you, Target!  Now you just need to bring in McQueen for Target & yes, I will camp out in front of your Minneapolis store in the dead of winter the day you announce that featured collection (hang tight AmEx).

Stylishly yours,


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