Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Model of the Month: Carmal

Carmal is one of those women who puts her kids, her husband, her family, her friends, long before herself.  She is a devout runner, a tennis player, an occupational therapist by trade but a friend, mother, & wife by devout dedication.  I ReVamped her closet last winter when she became my first personal shopping victim, turned most rewarding closet ReVamp to date.  Enjoy these DKGstyled summer outfits fresh from Carmal's closet, and please recognize the beauty that she is on MY runway.

Purple hammock haven

"Fore" sure! (she lives on a golf course)

Edgy sweet Carmal

Lovin Leopard, Floral, & Ruffles 

Pool bound... are you kidding me with those abs?

The calm before the 3-kids-in-the-pool-storm!

Mamma Love

Montana Mama

Love you Carmal!  You are an extra sweet Montanta-Mama gift to the fashion world & to ME!

Stylishly yours,


  1. Beautiful! In the small world that Boise is, I sat next to Carmel on a plane several years ago and we had such a great conversation. Love this idea! I need to be DKGstyled! Love the blog design!

  2. Kate: You are SO on my list! Beware :)

  3. That would be like winning the lottery in my book!

  4. Dana that is so if I can only live up to those thoughtful comments you made about me. I want to say the closet reVamp was very rewarding to me too! Dana has helped me to tweak my conservative closet and feel good about taking a chance at wearing something a little more edgy and out of my old comfort zone. Dana puts together outfits out of my own closet I never would have thought to pair together and they look great!
    Glad to call you my friend Dana. Thanks for helping me to feel good in my own skin (and clothes!) love you too :) -Carmal

  5. are STYLIN! Great outfits.