Sunday, August 7, 2011

Juxtapose Your Clothes

You've heard me mention in multiple posts that I just adore contrast!  Not necessarily in the color blocking way (I do appreciate color contrast though), but in the form of texture, material, & design.  Pairing sequins with cotton or leather with chiffon or lace with shredded denim gives me that polar incongruousness I strive to achieve as often as possible.  Wearing a light airy blouse with skin-tight leggings, pleats with ruffles, or ruching with slim fit.  Even the idea of contrasting uber designer duds with a Hanes tank or a thrifted find is exhilarating.  I've never liked "matchy-matching" my outfit, a term I use regularly during my closet revamps, so this concept is right in line with my anti-matchy-match soapbox.  Next time you get dressed try experimenting with various textures, materials, designers & you just might become addicted to juxtaposed clothes!

Shirt:  Jcrew
Shorts:  Jcrew
Shoes:  Michael Kors
Shades:  Tom Ford
Jewelry:  Can't remember
Lips:  MAC Ruby Woo
Off the edge:
Too scared to try sequins & chambray?  Start with black & white, once you are fluent in color contrast dip your toe in with texture & style.

Stylishly yours,