Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cash in at the Cosmopolitan

Recently, I attended the MAGIC sourcing show in Las Vegas with a friend of mine who is starting a golf skirt line.  The sourcing show was very interesting to me (duh!) being the vicarious fashion design dreamer that I am.  However, the most interesting part of my trip for you (probably), is the hotel where we bunked.  The Cosmopolitan is 8 months new & swanky, sexy, cool as can be.  Apparently it was supposed to be a condo complex associated with the new city center & Aria hotel, but with the recession & condo sales down they turned it into a super posh hotel.  I was literally drooling at every light fixture, tile column, & furniture cluster.  They had me at "hello" with The Chandelier Bar where you literally sit within a 3 story chandelier, dripping with crystals... honey I'm home!!!  Among the serious array of gourmet stops there are plenty of watering holes including the Bond, Queue, Book & Stage, & Vesper bars.  Most intriguingly there is a super secret pizza cave (we are talking no name, no sign, no promotional propaganda, it's not even listed on their website)... think secret agent meets top-notch pie slices, yes please!  With the over-the-top-turned-comfortable decor, super friendly staff, and ridiculous restaurants & bars to choose from, I'd highly recommend a visit next time you find yourself in sin city.  Above & beyond all of that, the price point was quite a bit lower than some of the other hotel options whose bachelor party wear & tear makes the over-priced rooms far from worth the price.  Here is a little teaser to wet your palate...

...whadd'ya think?  Feeling lucky?

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