Tuesday, July 26, 2011

7-Tin-7: Brits Love Lids

Check out my 7-Trends-in-7-Days challenge on my Midsummer Night's Dream... of Fall post.

Day 6:  Idaho Shakespeare Festival Performance - "Cabaret"
The Trend:  Hats!
I am going to go out on a limb here & say that the royal wedding has had an impact on fashion this year.  With the lady-like themes all over the runway & Kate on the cover of every gossip magazine I am pretty confident that practical sun repelling lids are going to morph into more refined & chic looks this fall.  Perhaps we don't need to go as extreme as the royal cousins, but there's nothing wrong with a twist on the old classics.  For my 7-Tin-7 night at the Idaho Shakespeare amphitheater I opted for the ever-chic straw fedora.  I paired it with a denim romper & colorful accessories.   This fall I intend to pull out some of my felt fedora-esque lids & hope to maybe acquire a few new shapes & styles.  I believe in head wear as an active accessory rather than a functional deterrent from elements or bad hair days, so feel free to sport one as an accessory.  The chicer the more appropriate according to etiquette experts.  The way I see it, if Queen Kate is sporting them during the day & inside it must certainly be etiquette approved for my purposes.  Go get a sweet lid & rock-it with style this fall!

Romper:  Rich & Skinny
Fedora:  JCrew
Bag:  Furla
Shades:  Tom Ford
Earrings:  gifted
Bracelets:  Forever 21 (blue), JCrew (skinny orange), gifted (left hand orange)
Flops:  Rainbow (my most comfy flops!!!)
Lips:  MAC Vegas Volt

Stylishly yours,

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