Friday, July 22, 2011

7-Tin-7: All That Glitters Isn't (necessarily) Gold

Check out my 7-Trends-in-7-Days challenge on my Midsummer Night's Dream... of Fall post.

Day 3:  Big Bets at the Calcutta before the Big Golf Tournament (Frank being the golfer, of course)
The Trend:  Shimmer
Shimmer & shine graced the catwalks like it was going out of style, and it might be, so bring it on with as much enthusiasm as you can muster.  For some this may be a trend that gets quietly ignored, for others the idea of fall being shimmer's swan song could send them into a shimmer-filled tizzy.  I'd say I fall somewhere in the middle.  Love it, of course, but I don't mind the idea of wearing it even if it goes out of style (who am I anyway... watch it become ballet flats).  The runway showed more metallic-esque materials than sequin laden items as has been the main source of "shimmer" in seasons past.  There are still plenty of sequins out there so don't send them to the Salvation Army yet, but perhaps use this season as an opportunity to experiment with various textures & colors that are sure to line the department stores this fall. Here is my concoction for what my husband calls a "Cougar-prowling-night at the club".  I'm not sure I saw any "Cougars" that weren't attached to one of the golfers, but to humor my husband's self-flattery I still felt the need to up the anty a bit.  The result:  the perfect night to represent this trend during my 7-Tin-7-Week.

Lips:  MAC Up the Amp
Earrings:  gifted

Tank:  BCBG
Belt:  Hot Topic
Skirt:  JCrew
Bangles:  Banana Republic, Forever 21, etc.

Shoes:  Michael Kors
Stylishly yours,

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