Sunday, June 26, 2011

Gaga for Gaga!

Who doesn't get their groove on when Poker Face hits the speakers or feels a little spring in their step when Edge of Glory plays on the radio.  Lady Gaga's music has resonated with people all over the world spanning the gamut of age, race, sexual orientation, & socioeconomic status.  She is truly a musical genius of our time.  A concert pianist, writer, singer, performer, composer, she's brilliant!  I love music but would never claim to be any sort of expert & since this is a blog about style, I'm going to stick with my comfort zone & say that she is also a living fashion icon.  Most would look at her attire & think "she's weird!".  What most fail to see is that fashion is not always practical or functional, rather fashion is art.  Not everyone loves every piece that Degas created, or Picasso, or Matisse.  What about someone like Salvador Dali?  That is what makes art... well... art!  It evokes a response from those who view it whether it be laughter, sadness, disgust, or love.  Gaga is our generation's walking fashion art form.  

I enjoy perusing the fashion websites after runway shows (living vicariously from those in the front row, of course) & it becomes very clear that top designers pave the way in fashion with their haute couture designs.  Here McQueen (my all time favorite... long before the royal wedding I might add) showed this in his Fall 2009 show:

And you remember my Screamin' Chicken post about my feathered fabulous skirt.  A little more wearable to an evening at the theater than McQueen's piece, but you get the reference...

Here is McQueen's final show (before his death) Fall Ready-to-Wear 2010, take note of the shoes:

Any resemblance?  (Don't get me wrong, I would give my eye teeth for McQueen's version):

Here's a silhouette I'm coveting from Fall RTW 2009:

Seen now at Alice + Olivia (& on my anniversary/birthday wish list from hubby):

So you get my point?  I am absolutely Gaga for Gaga & her undeniable commitment to trend setting & fashion.  She is a walking art form from her shows to her appearances on American Idol, Oprah & Ellen.  She brings the runway to the world long after the final model has finished her struts.  The fashion naive would look at her outfits & scoff & think "she's weird!".  You just never know how this might influence what you will be wearing in a year or two, there is no question that it will!  
So long live McQueen through Sarah Burton's eyes & on Lady Gaga's rockin' bod, I can't wait to find some items within my reach that are influenced by these fashion elite.  

Stylishly yours,

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