Sunday, November 28, 2010

Must Haves

These are my top items I believe every woman MUST have in her closet.  From this base we can create outfits season to season with ease & a few trendy additions.

In no particular order:
-Designer jeans 
Good ones that make your butt smile:)
Black & Nude
-White "wife beater" tank
I love James Perse for his wonderful durable cotton material & excellent fit, however I do have a Hanes tank that I have worn to it's current thread-bare state
-Black stiletto pumps
If you hate heels find a pair with a platform toe, this gives the illusion of a higher heel, but is much more foot friendly
-Tailored blazer
Black or dark blue preferably, but Khaki, brown or white can work too, depending on the season
-Long gold or silver necklace
I am into the large chain look, I like them long enough that I can loop around twice for a different look, I wear mine all the time!
-A pair of stud earrings you love
Diamond, silver balls, pearls, you choose
Oh, and a pair of hoops (well maybe 2 pair, one gold one silver)
-Black belt
Nope not the karate type, rather a nice leather one, can be thin or thick depending on your personality & your willingness to make a statement, go for both if you are so inclined!
-Ballet flats
I have one in every color and a few different styles in my favorite colors (bronze, silver, black), but one basic pair will do
Suit your personality with this one.  I'm loving the flat-heeled, knee-high riding boots right now in tan or black, but even a pair of good 'ol cowboy boots will do.
-Trench overcoat
This can be a wool peacoat or waxed canvas trench, again use your personality, but this is a must, no matter where you live.  I have a white wool peacoat from Jcrew & a L.A.M.B black crepe one.  I'd say that I wear these 2 coats 60% of the time I wear an overcoat, the rest of the over coats in my closet are pure "fluff".

Frivilous accents that have stood the test of time, also must-haves in my opinion:
-A good pair of fishnets
-A rockin' clutch
-Killer deisgner shades
-A pair of skinny jeans or jeggings (don't be scared, you can do it!)
-A timeless leather jacket (think Harley riding)
-Something 100% sequined (I have a number of these from dresses to harem pants, but if this is beyond your comfort zone, just go with a basic sequined tank that you can layer over)
-A frilly girl skirt (I love BCBGs tulle skirts right now, but whatever is already in your wardrobe will do)
-Pencil skirt
-Lace (this could be grandmas vintage frock or a lace trimmed camisole, but lace is always hot)
-Wrap dress (Diane von Furstenburg is the obvious choice!)
-Red Lipstick

Stylishly yours,

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