Thursday, December 16, 2010


Twice a year one of my groups of girlfriends gets together for what we call "Girlfriends' Christmas" and "Girlfriends' Birthday".  It is a chance to exchange gifts & celebrate our friendship.  We rotate who hostesses which involves picking the theme, directing the gift exchange logistics, & throwing a killer party.  I was one of the hostesses of Girlfriend's Christmas 2010 themed "glamorous".  It was (literally) one big dance party, dance floor, DJ, costume trunk & all!  Anyway, the reason this entry finds its way onto my style blog is because these gals challenge the most diligent fashionistas in any major city!  
Look at them!

Now great style & rockin' bods isn't all these gals have to offer.  Among them we have an attorney, multiple medical professionals, business owners, top marketing execs, top sales execs at a Fortune 500 company, a former pro runner (who still runs 6 minute/mile marathons!),  tri-atheletes, and a few stay at home Moms (the hardest job if you ask me).  These ladies can kick ass on a mountain bike & can bomb the ski slopes like no ones business.  They work hard & play harder.  Once the trails, slopes, & kids have seen enough they throw on sequins, heels, skinny jeans, & a boa (remember the costume box mention) & rock the dance floor with a glass of bubbly.  I have lots of interests & get bored easily, but these ladies keep me laughing, running (!), & enjoying my own individuality.  They have supported me through loss & are always there with a bottle of wine after a long week.  They are quick to give a compliment & never judge.  Girlfriends like these are 1 in a billion & I consider myself very lucky in friendship.  While this is a blog about fashion I think the most important accessory of all is a true friend.  At the end of the day, girlfriends are the one thing that NEVER go out of style!
Sylishly yours.

My co-hosts  (notice our super sweet dessert display?!)
I couldn't help myself from the angel wings! 
Rockin' the prego bellies.
Carmal, my most recent closet revamp victim
in her Grandmother's mink stole.  Love vintage!

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