Sunday, November 14, 2010

Calling All Fashionistas

Hi!  Allow me to introduce myself... I'm Dana and I love fashion (who doesn't?)!  Growing up I always wanted to be a fashion designer.  I started my own fictitious line called "Funky Fashions" when I was in middle school.  I always talked about going to FIDM in New York after getting a bachelors degree at the University of Arizona.  I'm not sure what happened to New York, but I ended up in San Francisco with a job in medical sales.  After my 2nd job in medical sales I decided to follow my dream & get a masters in fashion design from the Academy of Art University.  I dreamed about my line every day & envisioned my logo, my store, my runway shows.  I said I would call my line DKG (my initials), it has a nice ring to it 'eh?  I loved every second of my 1 1/2 years in school, but was forced back into med device sales when my husband & I realized that owning a home in San Francisco required more than 1 income.  My husband made a vow when I returned to lucrative work that he would never question any clothing purchases because that would now be my tie to fashion.  Well, I am sure he regrets making that vow as I have taken the job of supporting the design community very seriously.   I have done closet consultation in my friends wardrobes & have even dabbled in personal shopping for friends.  I find any excuse to visit San Francisco, New York, & Chicago.  I love everything from high end design to recycled "vintage" items.  I believe that fashion has the power to increase your confidence, to set your mood for the day, and even tell others a little about your personality.  When I love an outfit I put together, I just can't help but feel good.  Call it frivolous or vain, but it is something I love & I have a feeling I am not the only one.  I hope to share a little bit about my thoughts on fashion with you!
Stylishly yours,

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